About us

This site helps me to express my love to the greatest breed I have ever met – Welsh Corgi Cardigan!

We live in the middle of Russia, in the city of Togliatty, which is situated on the bank of the beautiful river Volga. Delightful surrounding is something worth seeing! You could imagine, how many places to walk our cardigans we have got here!

питомник вельш корги кардиган 1.JPG

  I’d like to say a few words about my family. My husband Victor and I are the people of brainwork: we both have got the academic degree , each in his time. During last fifteen years Victor’s occupation is at one of the biggest in our country automobile plant. He deals with the producing of new car’s brands. I am a vice-principal at the secondary school. All that means that to seat at the working table has been our habit for many years. Our only daughter Alexandra has graduated from the University and left native home, moved in another city. When our beloved son (I couldn’t say pet about him) ten years old dachshund Zolton passed away, my husband and I felt we need to let fresh air in our life. It didn’t take us a long time to decide – we will take a dog in our home!

By a lucky chance we arrived at the breed never have heard before: once my daughter Alexandra stood in the turn to the cash-desk at the moll. Willing to kill the time she was looking through the heaps of the post cards, which were at the special stand. And… one post card caught her eyes. That was a picture of a little red puppy with brown eyes and big years. My daughter smiled at him and went to the cash-desk, but…. at the last second she returned to the post cards and took the picture of the puppy. That was the will of the fate! At home she read that it was WElSH CORGI puppy. The bell has rung! Soon we have found the information about the breed, about the kennels and breeders, recognized that we like Cardigan more than Pembroke. In a week only we reserved a cardigan boy in a newly born litter at Controversia kennel in Poland. That was our wonderful Castor (Gentleman Glorify Controversia), who has brought so much happiness in our home, in our life!

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Castor was the first cardigan welsh corgi not only in our city, but in the area of the nearest 1000 km.

That needn’t to be said that cardigans have the magic power: they could switch on the people around them! Every day at every walk our citizens welcomed my amazing boy with the words: “What a cutest teddy bear!” “Hey, boy, you are cool!” “Oh, how charming he is!” That was the very beginning of cardigan’s history in my city. Now, we could see their development.  There are seven corgi cardigans living in our city, Each cardigan has the own page at this site, where you can find the pedigree, the information about show carrier, the pictures. The love to our dogs, welsh corgi cardigan, united my citizens, cardigan’s owners, in one team, who are sharing with their fourleged friends the home and the pastime.


Volga river in winter   July morning on the river beach   The left bank of our Volga   
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  • Volga river in winter
  • July morning on the river beach
  • The left bank of our Volga